Deborah covers all aspects of disability inclusion, including offering hope and inspiration. She specializes in accessible design, inclusive travel and tourism, disability awareness, employment, education, training modules, and positive thinking.

Deborah has achieved a successful career in sales and marketing, training, educating, advocacy, mentoring and public speaking. She has extensive experience in developing and conducting training programs on disability awareness and the seamless inclusion of accessible facilities. She can tailor a presentation to your needs, whether it is a keynote address, a workshop, or management or board training session. She is an expert on adversity, women in business, vision/purpose, disability, diversity, and inspiration.

Deborah was involved in a car accident at age 18, sustaining a C6/7 spinal cord injury, resulting in incomplete quadriplegia. However, that, has not prevented her from living a fulfilling life as a business woman, a mother of two girls and an extensive world traveler. As an active and accomplished individual, Deborah’s goal is to help create a world more inclusive for all individuals.

Over the course of more than two decades, her career has spanned from roles serving as an Independent Contractor, to specializing in medical equipment and supplies sales and marketing, to Americans with Disabilities Act consulting and training, a professional fundraiser for nonprofits, Director of Development and Public Relations, and Executive Director for Abilities of Florida.

Based in Florida, Davis earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Miami. Among professional affiliations and community service positions, she was appointed to the Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Board for the State of Florida, served as President of the Business Coalition for Americans with Disabilities, was a Board Member and VP of the Florida Rehabilitation Association, and a member of The National Society of Fund Raising Executives.


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