When you purchase a PUSHLiving Photo image, you can rest assured that the model being used in the photo actually has the disability being portrayed. More importantly, you can also have pride in knowing that your purchase is helping change lives in the mobility disabled community.

We are the only stock image library that pays royalties on each sale to photographers and models with disabilities.  This means that you are single-handedly helping them live a more independent and successful lifestyle.

PUSHLiving Photos provide accurate representation in advertising and editorial images, while also showcasing how valuable the disabled community’s contribution to each and every industry really is.

Increasing the positive imagery of people who use mobility devices (such as wheelchairs, canes, walkers, guide dogs, etc.) will not only increase the awareness that it benefits everyone when they are equally accommodated, but will help eliminate the negative stereotyping that continues to surround the community.

We also offer inclusive custom photo shoots for your business. We can recruit and hire authentic models and photographers with disabilities in your region, or you can use your own photographer. We will lead the production efforts, and will produce the appropriate customized images to meet your brand objectives.

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