Do you want to welcome employees with disabilities into your workplace, but you’re afraid of the possible implications and risks?  We want to help employers create a plan that enables their leaders and staff to feel more comfortable and empowered to be inclusive.

We can provide you with the answers to these questions:

What are “reasonable accommodations”?

How do you actively recruit employees with disabilities, or at least not exclude them from the process?

How do you make your business and workplace “disability friendly”?

Hiring a diverse staff that’s not only multi-cultural, but multi-ability, is a great business advantage. Numerous studies have proven the benefits to a team that knows how to adapt to each other’s strengths and weaknesses to create a powerful and inspired workplace. You may have an employee that’s not be able to lift 20lbs, but they could be the best negotiator and closer you have.

Let us help you from start to finish. We’ll assess your workplace culture, policies, procedures, design, recruitment tactics, and interview processes to get the right employees on your team and enable you to provide accommodations that make sense.

With over 20 years of experience in the disability sector, PUSHLiving Advisors can also provide management and employee training on disability issues. These training sessions build morale and make everyone more comfortable, allowing them to focus on meeting your company’s revenue and compliance goals.