Travel can be extremely daunting to people who use mobility devices (such as wheelchairs, canes, walkers, guide dogs, etc.). At PUSHLiving Advisors, we want to help you provide your visitors with disabilities the resources they need to feel safe and accommodated. Whether you’re a visitor’s bureau, travel agency, or a well-established tour company, let us help you help them.

We will help you determine what current accessibility you have, as well as provide small adjustments you can make to for a more inclusive experience (sometimes it’s as simple as having a bathroom door swing in, instead of out).

We have extensive experience in designing and reviewing tours, as well as providing guidance on how to make your tourism opportunities more inclusive for all. We can even engage with your local disabled community to determine where the best and most convenient amenities, venues, and locations are for visitors with disabilities.

We want to connect people with physical disabilities to unique travel experiences. We will provide the tools your tourism organization needs to allow you to profit from the accessible environments that enable inclusion. Let us help you inspire people who have never travel before to do so, and to encourage those who have… to do more!